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Services > Mobile Crane

A crane mounted on a truck carrier provides the mobility for this type of crane. Generally, these cranes are able to travel on highways, eliminating the need for special equipment to transport the crane. When working on the jobsite, outriggers are extended horizontally from the chassis then vertically to level and stabilize the crane while stationary and hoisting. Many truck cranes have slow-travelling capability (a few miles per hour) while suspending a load. Great care must be taken not to swing the load sideways from the direction of travel, as most anti-tipping stability then lies in the stiffness of the chassis suspension. Most cranes of this type also have moving counterweights for stabilization beyond that provided by the outriggers. Loads suspended directly aft are the most stable, since most of the weight of the crane acts as a counterweight. Factory-calculated charts (or electronic safeguards) are used by crane operators to determine the maximum safe loads for stationary (outriggered) work as well as (on-rubber) loads and travelling speeds.

We do provides cranes ranging from 16 tons capacity up to 45 tons capacity crane.

Lifting Capacity : 16 ton
  P&H T160-2
Lifting Capacity : 16 ton
  P&H T200-1
Lifting Capacity : 20 ton
P&H T200-2
Lifting Capacity : 20 ton
  P&H T350-1
Lifting Capacity : 35 ton
  P&H T450-2
Lifting Capacity : 45 ton
Lifting Capacity : 20 ton
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