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Services > Bar Bender & Bar Cutter

Bar Bender
Rotary draw benders (RDB) are precise in that they bend using tooling or "die sets" which have a constant center line radius (CLR). The die set consists of two parts: The former die creates the shape to which the material will be bent. The counter die does the work of pushing the material into the former die while traveling the length of the bend. Rotary draw benders can be programmable to store multiple bend jobs with varying degrees of bending. Often a positioning index table (IDX) is attached to the bender allowing the operator to reproduce complex bends which can have multiple bends and differing planes.

Rotary draw benders are the most popular machines for use in bending tube, pipe and solids for applications like: handrails, frames, motor vehicle roll cages, handles, lines and much more. Rotary draw benders create aesthetically pleasing bends when the right tooling is matched to the application.

Bar Cutter
This machine is efficient for cutting off steel bar products on building construction ,such as ordinary carbon steel, cold and hot round steel, screw thread steel, flat steel, angle steel and square steel (need to make knife) it's made of high steel knife seat and connecting shaft, high speed international standard engine and firm reinforcing covering. This machine is small, solid, lubricant better, little power loss, opration easy, high efficiency, convenient for moving and the knife can be controlled by manual.

Mild Steel Bar (For Construction)
Size :
Smaller than 32 mm in diameter.
Mild Steel Bar (For Construction)
Size :
Smaller than 40 mm in diameter.
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